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22 hours of Kobe Bryant high school video will be auctioned

the6man Jun 23

The Lakers State has been hyped.

“Personal File” will be auctioned by the “Historical File” auction house on July 23, in which 22 hours of young Kobe Bryant escapes the guard, hits an unbalanced shot, and acts as a high school student Accept interview after the game.

These clips are from Kobe’s time at Xia Marion Middle School and are part of the Stu Ross media library.

Ross produced the “High School Sports Program”, a syndicated TV series that is broadcast weekly in 35 cities.

Rose’s library contains 130 hours of video recordings of top athletes including LeBron James, Tom Brady and Michael Phelps.

The library’s video tapes will be sold as a whole, and are expected to cost between $250,00 and $350,000.

Kobe took the Merion University team as his freshman.

In his junior year, he averaged 31.1 points per game and was named Pennsylvania Player of the Year.

During his senior year, Kobe was named Naismith Middle School Player of the Year, Gatorade Men’s National Basketball Player of the Year and McDonald’s National Championship.

Kobe will skip college and go directly to the NBA draft, where he was drafted by the Hornets and traded to Lakers.

The auction will be held in the historical archives of Calabasas near Los Angeles.

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