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76ers sign Ryan Brokhov | TalkBasket.net

the6man Jun 26

Ryan Broekhoff Dallas Mavericks
Photo: Sports News

Priority Sports agent Andy Shiffman told Adrian Wojnarowski that free agent Ryan Broekhoff is signing with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Brokhov played 17 games for the Dallas Mavericks this season February exemption Make room for the team to sign Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Although he has only participated in 59 NBA games in two seasons, Brokhov is a player with a career three-point percentage of 40.3%, which is what the 76ers need.

The 76ers currently have 15 standard contract players and a two-way player, so they can choose to give up a player in the 15-man lineup to make room for Broekhoff, or sign his bench if other players choose to withdraw . The NBA restarted in Orlando.

If they do not want to give up someone, they can also sign Broekhoff’s two-way deal.

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