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76ers Tobias Harris pioneered the idea of ​​Boban Marjanovic and “Bobi and Tobi show”

the6man May 23

Photo: Glenn James / NBAE via Getty Images

Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic are one of the most interesting duo in the NBA. The players must compete with the same teams in Los Angeles, Detroit and Philadelphia to form an unprecedented friendship in the NBA.

Harris joins Detroit Fox Sports Podcast And introduced Marjanovic’s “crazy” interesting ideas. The 76ers forward talked about the way he kept in touch with his best friends during the pandemic.

“Man, he’s been doing well. We talk about it twice or three times a week. He is working on his YouTube channel now. So he started.

The other day he said, “Look, we need to do this.” So, I said, “Yes, let’s do it.” He was like, “Open the map.” I was like, “What map? He left , “Map on phone! “So, okay. Then he would say,” Listen, let’s meet between Dallas and Philadelphia and perform Bobi and Tobi. “I thought,” What? I can’t fly. “He said,” Drive! “I thought,” I won’t drive for eight hours to do your performance! ”

He wants to see me in Tennessee. I do n’t know, man, ” Harris says, each NBC Sports.

The chemistry of the two on and off the court is one of the best things that happened in the NBA in the last two seasons. The YouTube partner channel and its off-site adventure activities will become a “must-see program” for fans.

The entire episode:

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