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A brief history of Russell Westbrook-Rajon Rondo beef

the6man Sep 16

Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo have now engaged in several wars of words, and one of the famous incidents involved Rondo’s brother.

So, how did their beef start, how did it upgrade, and how are the Lakers teammates now?

Here is everything you need to know:

How it started

At this time last year, when Rondo’s brother William started talking rubbish to Westbrook on the sidelines, beef was born in the bubble.

According to ESPN, William called Westbrook “junk” and waved goodbye to him (think Dame vs. OKC), even though William was expelled from the game.

Rondo defended his brother after the game, saying “he didn’t do anything crazy.”

“He called this man ‘garbage’,” he said. “The fans do what the fans do. He is my brother above all. He didn’t do anything disrespectful.”

But Russ has a different view of things.

“Those who participate in the game should shut up and watch the game,” Westbrook said. “This is the rule, especially when you have family and people here. Obviously, since Rondo is talking nonsense, he wants to jump in too.

“… I get it. He wants to bear it for his brother. I don’t know why, but that’s it. But, these rules apply to everyone, no matter who it is, family, whatever. But when you cross that line, He should be at home. There are no relevant rules or regulations. But he started talking crazy, I don’t play that game.”

Westbrook was eliminated by the Lakers and William was taken off the court. There was no winner that night.

the second part

When Westbrook and Rondo faced off in January of this year, Russ knocked Rondo while grabbing a rebound and gave himself a second technical foul (and was sent off for it).

After the game, Westbrook said in an interview with reporters that he was deported because he was subservient to Rondo’s level.

“I mean, honestly, it depends more on me,” Westbrook said. “I can’t let myself succumb to anyone’s level. That’s not my character, who I am, so when things come out, I have to do better in terms of trash talk.”

Current situation

Westbrook and Rondo are now teammates in Los Angeles, and obviously they need to work hard.

Considering that most NBA talents never leave the court, it shouldn’t be a big deal to do so, and Rondo has worked hard to eliminate any lingering tension or embarrassment.

When asked which of his new Lakers teammates he was most excited to contact earlier this month, Rondo said that Carmelo Anthony was “obviously Russ.”

When asked what he thinks Westbrook will bring to Los Angeles, he also said this.

“More excited. More energy in practice. I look forward to more matches with him and the rest of the team. In terms of having a lot of competitors, this is a very bad team.”

Consider beef. But don’t worry, knowing how many dramatic things we see around the league every year, there will definitely be new beef taking its place.

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