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A teenage Dirk Nowitzki made Scotty Pippen an embarrassing night and started an unlikely beef

the6man Aug 31

This is an unlikely beef forged in an unlikely location and in an unlikely situation.

In 1997, when Scotty Pippen went to Berlin with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and many other NBA stars to participate in a Nike promotional tour, the trip included a meeting with a 19-year-old Dirk Nowitz The team consists of the base game.

Nowitzki was under Pippen’s defense all night, which absolutely made him excited.

Here is how Barkley later described what happened:

“So Dirk is kicking our ass,” he said. “He got around 25 at halftime. Michael and I were like,’Scotty, you have to pick it up a little bit.’ He said,’Man, I’ll lock him in the second half.’ Dirk The game ended with 52 points.”

Turning a page from Jordan’s book, Pippen personally accepted this. A year later, when he played Nowitzki for the first time in the NBA, he made the life of the Mavericks rookie miserable. Nowitzki scored 8 points with a 3-9 shooting percentage.

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Nowitzki, who is usually gentle, has nothing to say to the man he has admired since he was a child.

“That’s really my idol, Scotty Pippen,” Nowitzki said. “You are standing on the court against them; I couldn’t believe it at first…

“There were posters everywhere in my bedroom, and suddenly I was playing against them. It was crazy. I was totally disappointed because Scottie Pippen is my idol. This is an incredibly arrogant butt. .”

Dirk never revealed what Pippen had said to him, only that it made him very angry.

But in the next few years, any unhappiness between them has long since disappeared. In fact, on the night of Nowitzki’s last home game, Pippen stood in the midfield to pay tribute to his old opponent.

A lot of time has passed, and some people are so cute that they won’t be angry anyway.

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