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According to ESPN analysts, Jayson Tatum is likely to sign a maximum contract next season

the6man May 31

Jayson Tatum
Photo by Omar Rawlings / Getty Images

Jayson Tatum is expected to become a restricted free agent next summer and may request an extension of the contract.

Tatum is quickly becoming the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics’ potential franchise, averaging 23.6 points per game this season, the highest level in the team, averaging 7.1 rebounds and 39.8% in three points per game.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst report:

“If Jayson Tatum is the superstar they envision, then when they exchange Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for all players who want to be like this We can see the Celtics ’“ Glory Day ”again in the draft picks. But this is unresolved and I want to tell you that they will have to pay him because after the end of the season, he is likely to Get a maximum contract. They will bet he will be that player, ” Windhorst said at the sports centereach Bleach report.

Tatum’s rookie contract next season will bring him $ 9.9 million in revenue SportlakeAs long as the striker is eligible to renew the Celtics contract before the next rookie-scale contract deadline.

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