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According to reports, Aaron Gordon is renewing his contract with the Denver Nuggets

the6man Aug 31

Aaron Gordon
Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

After the last deadline of the trade, Aaron Gordon seemed ready to dedicate his future to the Nuggets because both It is said that The contract extension is being processed.

according to Mike Singer of the Denver Post, There is a “mutually optimistic” attitude, that is, the two parties will soon reach a new contract. The deal may be finalized as early as this week.

“A coalition source told the Denver Post that both parties are optimistic about Gordon’s contract renewal. A source said that the new agreement may be reached as early as this week,” Mike Singer wrote.

The high-flying forward is entering the final year of his current contract signed with the Orlando Magic three years ago. He is eligible for a four-year extension worth $88 million.

Gordon is an important part of Denver’s rotation and is usually responsible for defending the best players on the opposing team. His average renewal period in Denver is four years and is worth $88 million.

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This post is written by Alexandros Tsakos


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