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According to reports, the Knicks’ Dennis Smith Jr. asked to be sent to the G League bubble

the6man Jan 31

New York Knicks guard Dennis Smith Jr. Request to be sent to the team’s G League members to get game time, New York Daily News.

Smith Jr. was selected ninth by the Dallas Mavericks overall in 2017, but was later used as the core of the deal Kristaps Porzingis transaction.

Smith Jr. showed outstanding athletic talent and great potential in his early days.

But now, the 6-foot-2 guard cannot play his role in the Big Apple in his fourth season after leaving North Carolina State University.

Last season, Smith Jr. had the lowest average points in field goal percentage, points, rebounds and assists in his career. So far this year, his average points per game are only 3.o, .7 rebounds and one assist. .

The requirement of Smith Jr. to participate in the G League is a very mature move for young players.

This is Smith Jr.’s last deal so far. According to the current situation, he is unlikely to receive many offers from NBA teams next season.

By participating in the G League, Smith Jr. will have the opportunity to prove that he can compete against the elite.

More importantly, Smith Jr. will be able to prove that he is willing to do anything to play basketball.

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