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Adam Silver worries that coronavirus may destroy NBA bubble

the6man Jul 08

When the first NBA teams arrived in Florida on Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed concern about the strength of the “bubble” in an interview with the Fortune Magazine Brainstorming Health Conference.

Silver said he expects that once he reaches the NBA campus of the Walt Disney World Resort, more players will test positive results.

Silver said: “If we have other players who test positive, we will not be surprised when they first come to Orlando.” “The most worrying thing is that once the players enter this campus, then pass Our quarantine period, then if they test positive… we will know that we will encounter a problem… we will know that our bubble actually has a loophole, or our quarantine area or campus is not somehow jobs.”

When all personnel arrive on the NBA campus, they must undergo at least two days of testing and isolation.

Several teams are closed Practice facilities After the player test is positive.

“We started testing all of our teams about two weeks ago, and according to our reports, we have many positive cases,” Silver said.

Florida In the past week, the daily number of COVID-19 cases has surged, bringing the daily number of cases in Sunny State close to the peak in New York in April.

Silver said the NBA bubble was protected as much as possible. The Alliance’s plan received positive reviews from Dr Anthony FawseyDirector of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“So, on paper, and dealing with our experts, this should work. But we will see.” Silver said. “We will conduct daily tests. However, this virus makes many people feel humble, so I will not show higher confidence than we follow the agreement, we hope it will work in the design.”

Silver said that if the coronavirus spreads to the campus in large numbers, the alliance will be closed.

The first NBA games are scheduled for Wednesday, July 22.

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