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After the score improves, WNBA becomes stronger and stronger on NBA2K

the6man Oct 30

According to reports, after the ratings increase in the 2020 season, WNBA content will become larger and more crude on NBA 2K21.

Felicia Steenhouse, senior producer of NBA 2K21, announced that NBA 2K21 will include the WNBA franchise mode, MyPlayer mode and the new 3v3 multiplayer online mode.

Before the announcement, the league increased its ratings.

In the 2020 season, WNBA ratings increased by 20%, while ratings of most major sports leagues dropped sharply.

This trend does not necessarily mean that demand for WNBA NBA 2K21 will increase, but there is increasing interest in the league.

Last year, WNBA only offered two modes, so it made its debut on NBA2K.

Players can play exhibition games with their favorite WNBA team, or play for a season.

These increases are praised, but far less than what NBA fans can enjoy.

Now, through the franchise model, players can command their favorite WNBA teams for multiple seasons and trade.

Now, in the “My Player” mode or “W” mode, gamers can build their own players and play their careers.

They can design the types of players, sharp guards or defensive experts, and control actions off the court, all of which are designed for the WNBA experience.

After a challenging summer, WNBA fans can enjoy a bigger and bolder experience through the new WNBA products on NBA 2K21.

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This post is written by Bonny Johnson


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