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Allen Iverson: Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan

the6man Aug 05

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Former NBA superstar Allen Iverson appeared on The Fat Joe Show yesterday and told Fat Joe that he would prefer Lebron to James Michael Jordan.

He explained: “As much as I love Michael Jordan … Mann Lebron James is the one who dawns. He is the one, man. This mother is the one. “

This is an ongoing debate. Every basketball fan has a different opinion and statistics don’t tell the story, but they do say something. Lebron James leads Jordan in season 17 in all statistical categories except theft. Lebron James is a rare breed and ages like wine, so it should be overtaken at some point, as it is only 500 away.

Jordan, on the other hand, is unbeaten in the final (6-0), which speaks for itself. Lebron is currently chasing his fourth NBA title. Does Lebron need to win more rings than MJ to end the debate? That would be the only thing that would keep him from calling him the greatest of all time.

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