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Alvin Gentry approved to travel to Orlando with New Orleans Pelicans

the6man Jul 09

The new season will restart on July 30, and the New Orleans Pelicans will hire head coach Alvin Gentry.

The head coach is allowed to travel with the team and wait and see in the bubble league.

He must pass a rigorous test before he can travel.

The NBA has said that age alone will not prevent coaches from traveling, but potential conditions will prevent it.

The coach continues the test and meets with the team physicians to see if they should walk with the team. Whether they want to enter the bubble or not, they can make calls.

The gentleman is one of the best offensive players in basketball, so having a pelican means a lot to the pelican.

They already had two assistants unable to travel for personal reasons.

Jeff Bzdelik, who met with the doctor, decided that travel was not the best option for him, and Janelle McMillan, who had a baby

As a result, the Pelicans’ bench appears a bit sparse because they want to enter the playoffs.

They will have a chance to win the game and get eighth place.

That winner is likely to play against the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

Zion Williamson vs. LeBron James will make great TV, and the NBA wants to generate as much revenue as possible.

But for the Pelicans, it’s okay now, they will be the head coach on the bench.

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