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Alvin Gentry says it would be unfair if older coaches were banned from returning to the NBA

the6man Jun 05

Alvin Gentry Pelicans
Photo: Rusty Costanza / Associated Press

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver admitted in TNTs Inside the NBA that older coaches who fall into a higher health risk category due to their age may not be able to train when the season resumes.

“For example, certain trainers may not be able to be the bank trainer. They may have to follow social distancing protocols, ”he said. Silver mentioned that such trainers may train from a separate room to avoid close contact with other people.

It is generally believed that people over 65 are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill if they are infected with coronavirus. Among the 22 teams that will continue the season Three of them have coaches who are 65 or older, namely Gregg Popovich (71), Mike D’Antoni (69) and Alvin Gentry (65).

The head coach of New Orleans Pelicans considers it unfair to treat older coaches differently than the others. “At the end of the day they are the league. They will make a choice. I find it unfair if they do that. I understand the risk I will take if I get it. But the hell I want with my team to be together and do my job, that’s what they hired me for, ”he said Ramona Shelbourne from ESPN.

Mike D’Antoni had a similar reaction. “I’m sure they want to get everyone to safety, but to sort out the more risky people, I hope they don’t want to go into that,” he said Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN.

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