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Andres Nocioni (Andres Nocioni) said that Fakendo Campazzo will eventually join the NBA at some point

the6man May 18

Photo: FIBA.com through Fullcourt Media

Andres Nocioni shared his thoughts on Facundo Campazzo and the possibility of entering the NBA during his career.

In the past four seasons, Argentina’s point guard has received a lot of interest from several NBA organizations. They are valuable members of Real Madrid and Argentina’s New Taiwan Dollar.

His former teammates were held in the New Territories of Argentina and Madrid. Andres Nocioni said that Campazzo will receive specific attention from the NBA in the near future. In that case, he may stand out from the current club.

“I think Real Madrid will have to listen to the NBA team’s offer this summer,” Nocioni suggested on Campazzo, each Such as,by European Basketball, “Madrid will have to understand that he will try to make this move at some point.”

“It’s not easy for players to make decisions similar to Llull. Not everyone has the mentality to stay in Europe like Sergio. Facundo has always believed that the NBA is a possibility since he was a child. It won’t push it, but the situation will make him consider this possibility. “

“This summer will be difficult for European and NBA teams,” Nocioni continues. “I believe Facundo will provide a quotation. For Madrid, this will be a huge loss, but with huge financial compensation, it will make the club move forward.

Campazzo remained committed to Real Madrid until his contract with the Spanish club was extended to last summer in 2024. A potential move will require him Pay him 5.275 million in the 6 million buyout clause.

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