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Announcement of Naismith’s First Five-Role Race in 2020 | | Hoopfeed.com

the6man May 19

Published on April 6, 2020


The Basketball Hall of Fame and the Women ’s Basketball Coaches Association announced that this year ’s five-place award winner is Naismith Starting Five. The selection committee of each award will evaluate the evaluated candidates throughout the 2019-20 season. Fans also have the opportunity to vote for their favorites.

2020 Women’s Naismith Departs Five Innings

  • Sabrina Ionescu (Oregon) – Nancy Lieberman’s Best Guard of the Year Award
    • 17.5 points / gram, 8.6 pounds / gram, 9.1 pounds / gram, 92.1 feet percent, 8 triple pairs
  • Aari McDonald (Arizona) – Andmel Driesdale shooting guard of the year
    • 20.6 points / gram, 5.6 pounds / gram, 3.6 pounds / gram, 2.3 liters / gram
  • Sato City (Oregon) – Cheryl Miller Small Forward Award of the Year
    • 16.2 pts / gm, 6.9 reb / ​​gm, 2.3 ast / gm, 79.2 ft%
  • Ruthy Hebard (Oregon)-Katrina McLean Award for Forward Forward of the Year
    • 17.3 lb / g, 9.6 lb / g, 68.5 fg%, 16 doubles
  • Aaliyah Boston (South Carolina) – Lisa Leslie Center of the Year
    • 12.5 points / gram, 9.4 pounds / gram, 60.9 fg%, 2.5 barrels / gram

Hall of Fame Hall of Fame offer to Naismith starts five winners

“Sabrina Ionescu is now an elite company back-to-back, and it is the second time to win the third prize of the Lieberman Award. I paved my way, but I am proud of this generation of players and the direction of the game. Sabrina has consolidated her basketball history not only in the field of women ’s basketball, but in all college players. I ca n’t wait to know what she will achieve in the next stage of the game. ”–Nancy Lieber Man (Nancy Lieberman), 1996

“Aari McDonald is a force that cannot be ignored at the most competitive meeting in the United States this season. Selecting a winner from our talented finalists is not easy, but Aari has always been The team contributed intangible assets and improved their overall level. “– Ann Meyers Drysdale, 1993

“Satou Sabally is a complete package-outstanding athletes, outstanding leaders and outstanding teammates. Her performance throughout the season has left a deep impression on our committee. She and the usual Teammates with high reputation and media attention are doing the right thing together. Sato is undoubtedly ready for the WNBA! “-Cheryl Miller, 1995

“Roussie Hubbard and the Oregon Ducks have been almost unstoppable this season. Although unfortunately we do n’t see anyone who will win the championship trophy this season, there is no doubt that Rush Hubbard is the most important big player. Striker. I am proud to receive the McLean Award for the second time in Ruthy ’s outstanding college career. ”– Katrina McClain, 2012

“Alia Boston may be one of the most talented freshmen in the women’s game. Her combination of intelligence, athleticism and coaching abilities have endless achievements for this young woman. It is great to see Alia and Her South Carolina teammates are under the command of Hall of Fame Dawn Stelliley. “– Lisa Leslie, Class of 2015

Women’s Naismith Quote Quotes Five Winners

“It ’s an honor to receive the Lieberman Award for the third consecutive year. Congratulations to the other finalists. It ’s a shame to receive an award named after one of the best basketball players of all time. Thanks to my teammates, coaches and help Everyone who played a role in the process. “– Sabina Ionescu, winner of the Nancy Lieberman Prize

“First of all, I want to thank my family, teammates and coaches. If I do n’t train the best coaches with the best teammates in the country, then these awards and honors are impossible to achieve. They continue to promote me to be what I can do. The best people I have come to, I really appreciate my opportunity to spend the last three years of my life with them. Thanks to Ann Meyers and the Basketball Hall of Fame for their recognition. This is definitely the silver lining of the season, this Our plan and many other plans have not been completed. We will be hungry again next season, continue to work hard, and take this plan to an unprecedented place. “– Aari McDonald, Ann Meyers Drysdale Award winner

“I am very grateful for this award. It is reminiscent of Cheryl Miller’s success and her brand in women’s basketball. I would like to thank all the outstanding people who helped me throughout the journey Teammates and coaches. “-Satou Sabally, Cheryl Miller winner

“It’s an honor. I am fortunate to receive not only such an honorable award, but also two awards. This means to me the world. Without my teammates, coaches and family, I can’t do this. I am proud of all the teams, especially Sato and Sabrina. It ’s great to see all of our hard work and continue to make history with them. ”– Ruthy Hebard, Katrina McClain won the award By

“Winning this award means a lot to me, especially because it is the name of one of the best games of all time-Lisa Leslie. I want to thank God because it is impossible without him . And, I would also like to thank my teammates and coaching staff for helping me play my due honor. ”– Aliyah Boston, Lisa Leslie winner

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