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Anthony Davis says Lakers championship hopes increase after break

the6man Jul 03

Anthony Davis said that due to the corona virus pandemic, the Lakers’ chance of winning the championship has increased after the league took a vacation.

Currently, the Lakers rank first in the West and play basketball in the offseason.

Davis said in a video conference call with reporters on Thursday: “I think our chances are higher because we are all rested and we are all ready.”

“If anything, our chances will be higher, it will depend on who wants more.”

Rest is crucial to many teams, such as the Houston Rockets.

The player looks tired and is dragging into the interruption.

Now, each team has the ability to restore full endurance, and other teams have brought back injured players.

The Lakers have two of the top five players in the NBA, so they will be competitors no matter what.

LeBron James looks healthy and is the best basketball this season.

But rest is never a bad thing, especially when James is getting older.

On the other hand, Davis is fighting a number of injuries that are eye-popping, so vacation time helps.

He missed eight games due to a shoulder injury early this season.

He said: “It’s a good thing for me to get some lingering injuries, because when the NBA stops to recover and recovers to its best, I get hurt.”

“I feel 100% healthy. Well, I don’t feel it, I am [100 percent healthy]. I think I am ready. Ready to go. “

As the Lakers now want to win the championship, they will complete all the games by the end of this month.

They will lack guard Avery Bradley, but with James and Davis staying healthy, everything is possible.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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