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Anthony Davis talks about the Lakers’ chances of winning before the NBA restarts

the6man Jul 02

Anthony Davis
Photo by Zach Beeker / NBAE via Getty Images

Anthony Davis believes his Los Angeles Lakers have an even better chance of winning a championship this season after an unplanned, long break from the pitch.

The center, which says he is now perfectly healthy, has implied that the Lakers are likely to benefit from all the rest that they have received.

“If anything, our chances are higher,” he was quoted on Thursday by reporters Los Angeles times.

Anthony Davis
Photo via ftw.usatoday

The former New Orleans Pelicans star has dealt with shoulder and elbow injuries this season, mostly playing through and praising his teammates for his toughness. But he says he’s over her now, thanks to a break that took almost four months.

“I know I’m 100% healthy,” he said, also revealing that he didn’t need medical treatment. Quiet was all it took.

The seven-time NBA All-Star has spent a lot of time with his family and claims to have gotten really good at video games call of Duty and NBA 2K. He admits that he has also gained a few pounds of bad eating habits presented in a current team video back at the gym next to LeBron James.

“I was so fat,” he joked. “I ate burgers every day.”

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