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Antoine Carr says the Bulls sent naked Playboy models to their hotel rooms before the final games

the6man May 21

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler / Getty Images

Former Utah jazz striker Antoine Carr announced that the Chicago Bulls had sent Playboy models to their hotel rooms to distract them before the final games David Fleming from ESPN::

“One thing that I enjoyed playing the Bulls was that the city of Chicago always tried to do something too. You were in your hotel room the night before a final game in Chicago and suddenly a Playboy model appeared with a cake at your door. It happened to me more than once.

They appear in a trench coat and when you present your cake, the coat comes off and it says “Welcome to Chicago!”

But if you are a young man and everything you can think of the night before the finals is now a beautiful girl, that will throw you all the way. It didn’t work for me. However, it was a good cake. ” Carr said.

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