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As the virus rages, WNBA season details are still on hold

the6man Jul 02

Dearica Hamby was guarded by Alyssa Thomas last season. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

A few days before the WNBA players left training camp, the metamorphosis of the COVID-19 pandemic prevented some season details from being finalized.

The team roster is set up mainly for this year and is currently testing coronaviruses for athletes. However, the start date and timetable for the 22 games are still being decided, and an agreement to replace athletes injured or sick this season will also be determined.

“The Indiana fever general manager Tamika Catchings said: “The WNBA is still talking to medical staff and trying to solve all problems. “Medical staff are getting together-we just got a document-so stay tuned. I’m sure the WNBA will come out and comment on this.”

“(This season will start in late July. I know we have no schedule yet. It will come soon.”

The league is weighing the possibility of several start dates for the summer camp and the regular season. In the face of rapidly changing pandemic data, the game will be played in isolated locations.

Terri Jackson, executive director of the Women’s National Basketball Players Association, said the test will be completed before the athletes travel to Bradenton, Florida next week.

Jackson said: “The test should be completed and the results should be returned before the players depart on July 6.” She added that she “believe” that the training camp will start on July 10.

As of press time, the WNBA did not respond to requests for comment.

Nine players have opted out of this season-some have personal health concerns. Two more people were injured and excluded this year. The Chicago Sky Guard Sydney Colson (Sydney Colson) tested the virus positively last week and will not camp with the team.

With 25 NBA players and 10 team members entering their bubble test positive in the playoffs, it is expected that there will be others in the WNBA who will respond positively to COVID-19.

The NBA will begin its season in Florida on July 30, with athletes undergoing virus checks every other day. Only personnel who have served for three years or less can replace injured or sick players.

In the past 10 days, as the coronavirus pandemic surged in the United States, Florida has been particularly hard hit. Yesterday, the state reported nearly 10,000 new cases, setting a single-day record. The rapidly changing numbers bring a lot of uncertainty.

Mike Cound, the founder of the Cound Group sports agency, said he is waiting for an agreement to find a possible player change, because some of his clients have “competed” to join a team.

Kunde said: “What may happen is that it will be a regular free agent.” “I am very confident that they will have a system that can isolate someone for any number of days that the medical staff thinks fit. They have the most Can stay for seven days.”

There is no need for players to report to their city, but most players volunteer to participate in training. They performed routine physical examinations there and took separate courses with assistant coaches. At least one team held a social gathering. Each team participated in the Zoom group meeting.

Four teams-Dallas United, Minnesota Bobcats, Phoenix Mercury and Seattle Storm-have no players injured or withdrawn from the season.

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