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Atlanta Dream team guard Renee Montgomery participates in the 2020 WNBA season, focusing on off-court social justice initiatives Hoopfeed.com

the6man Jun 18

Published on June 18, 2020


The team announced on Thursday that Atlanta Dream Guard Renee Montgomery will withdraw from the 2020 WNBA season and focus on off-site activities. She was the first player to withdraw from the season scheduled for late July when the coronavirus pandemic, Florida infection rate increased, the team will play in a bubble environment and protest against police brutality across Florida. Montgomery has been calling for social justice and systematic racism in recent weeks, and has participated in protests in Atlanta.

From the dream:

Montgomery has 11 years of experience and has won the WNBA twice. She will devote her time to developing the Renee Montgomery Foundation and working on social justice reform. Montgomery played a role in raising funds to help protesters and support the black life movement. She will also participate in speech activities to help educate and rally the Atlanta community and other areas.

Montgomery said: “After careful consideration, I decided to withdraw from the 2020 WNBA season.” “Many places in our community need to complete the work off-site. Social justice reform will not happen overnight, but I do think it is time, “Time equals momentum. “Let’s continue.”

During the offseason, Montgomery worked as a color analyst at College Park Skyhawks and as an analyst at FOX Sports South during Hawks LIVE.

“Although I regret that Renee will not wear the uniform that Dream Uniform seeks this summer, I am passionate about her foundation, her influence in the community, and her chance to use WNBA athletes. His identity affects the black life problem movement and is extremely proud, coach Nicky Colum said. “As a coach in this league, I understand that I can not only say that we are “bigger than the ball”, but I must reflect this. “

“We are disappointed that Renee will not contribute on the court this season, but her help to the community is very important and will help to attract people’s attention to important reasons,” Chris, president and general manager of Dream Chris Sienko said. “We fully support Renee’s off-site efforts and know that she can help drive change in Atlanta and around the world.”

In the two seasons of “Dream”, Montgomery played all 68 games and started the game. She averaged 9.9 points and 3.2 assists in 27.7 minutes per game. Her 146 three-point percentage was the third time in franchise history, and she set a new franchise record with 78 three-pointers in 2018.


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