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Austin Rivers said that players can help solve the underworld by playing games

the6man Jun 14

Houston Rivers defender Austin Rivers (Austin Rivers) participated in social media to discuss “black life problems” and how playing NBA games can help sports.

According to reports, Rivers’ post was in response to a call recently called by Kyrie Irving, which included 80 NBA and WNBA players.

During the conference call, several players expressed concern about the league’s decision to move forward, and some people did not want to participate in the game.

According to sports reports, Irving said on the phone: “I don’t support going to Orlando.”

“I don’t like systematic racism and bulls.”

Rivers posted a lengthy article on his Instagram page, pointing out that he felt the opposite of Irving.

Rivers believes that playing will bring hope to young fans, and he believes that most players in the league need a salary.

Rivers wrote: “I love Kyrie’s passion for helping the sport.

“It’s admirable and exciting. I’m satisfied with it, but it’s not at the expense of the entire NBA and the profession of the players. We can all do it. We can play games and help change the way black people live. Think we have [to]! But cancel and boycott [a] In my opinion, the return does not do this. Guys want to play, provide and help change! ! ! ! “

Rivers also talked about the long-term effects of not recovering this season, and that this may become a factor in the loss of revenue next season.

The topic is so large, many participants have expressed their opinions on social media.

The Rockets will go to Orlando with a record of 40 wins and 24 losses, and tied with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the fifth seed of the Western Conference.

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