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B.J. Armstrong says Klay Thompson was a prototypical 2-guard in Michael Jordan’s era

the6man May 19

Photo: Twitter / NBA

NBA has changed, but they are still players who may be suitable for past eras of the game. According to Michael Jordan’s former teammate, B. J. Armstrong, Klay Thompson is the most suitable player for the MJ and Chicago Bulls dynasty.

Armstrong explained his thoughts on ESPN’s First Take:

“One of the players I think would do best in this era would be Klay Thompson. I think Klay Thompson is prepared for this era because of his style of play. He is a great guardian, I think he has a certain physicality of the game and he played the game the way they all played. We played games where the 2-watcher had to keep their distance and you had to be able to do your matchup. I think he was big enough to do this matchup every night. I just think that he would be a player who would fit wonderfully into this era because he is playing the game now. I think it translates, said Armstrong via Bleacher Report.

Klay Thompson is the prototypical rifle guard in the 90s. He is an elite goal scorer and a great position defender, according to the former Bulls and Hornets Guard.

“You look at LeBron James, you look at Kawhi Leonard, you look at these guys, but for me Klay Thompson is a player I said: you know what? He was a prototypical 2-watchman who would fit very well into that era and the way they played the game back then, ”Armstrong noted.

The Warrior Guard has scored an average of at least 20 points per game in five consecutive seasons, while being a key member of the Golden State team, who won three championships and played in five consecutive NBA finals.

In addition, he earned a place on the second NBA All Defense team as an undervalued on-ball defender in 2018-2019.

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