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Barack Obama praises LeBron James’ social activities

the6man Oct 31

Former US President Barack Obama praised the social activities between Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and other NBA players in 2020.

HBO released a video about Obama and James on Thursday, discussing the subject of activism in sports.

The entire episode will be played on the “Store” at 9pm on Friday. ET.

Obama talked about past athletes who were known for their athleticism and straightforwardness, such as Jackie Robinson, Jack Johnson, Mohamed Ali, Arthur Ashe, and Bill Russell.

He praised current NBA players for taking the torch and refusing to participate in the game after Jacob Blake took a shot earlier this year.

The Milwaukee Bucks were the first to take action, and they refused to leave the locker room in the first round against the Orlando Magic.

The other teams in the playoff bubble followed the Bucks’ lead and refused to play until the league agreed to many of the players’ conditions.

These conditions include the use of all 30 NBA arenas as voting venues for the upcoming elections.

James formed the “More than Voting” coalition to support national voting rights.

As the country enters one of the most important elections in recent memory, Barack Obama will observe what happens next in sports.

The following is Obama’s full comment on the matter:

“When you think back to the history of African-American athletes, you can go back to boxer Jack Johnson, then Jackie Robinson, Mohamed Ali, NBA Bill Russell, Arthur, etc. Ashe on tennis. Then for a while, I thought that rights protection activities were suspended. For a while, African American athletes began to consider issues such as contracts, money, and shoe trading.

“In order to see the new generation without worrying about speaking out your own thoughts and conscience, I think you are setting the tone for many young people and many other athletes in other leagues. We have seen Milwaukee and NBA players do what they did. What happened after the incident. WNBA players, you start to see football players, you start to see NFL players doing things, baseball. You have indeed shown leadership in this area and deserve a lot of honor. I am very proud. “

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