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Barcelona’s Alex Abrines confirms that the players are against resuming the season in the Endesa league

the6man May 23

Photo: youtube.com

FC Barcelona’s striker Alex Abrines confirmed that a recent poll found his teammates are unanimous against resuming League Endesa action.

Abrines referred to a poll by ABP (Spain’s Association of Professional Basketball Players) in the latest edition of the “Abrines Show”, which he broadcasts on his Twitch channel.

“I am not one of the players involved in the ABP, but judging by the teammates I spoke to, it is very close if Barca is not 0-16,” said Abrines, referring to Barcelona’s unanimous vote Vote against resuming the game.

“The ABP asked us a few days ago [Malcolm] Delaney left if we wanted the season to start again, ”Abrines confirmed the survey. “Every player has their own situation. I’m frustrated with mine that something can happen. My wife is one of the higher risk people and is also pregnant. “

Regarding his pregnant wife, Abrines also said, “She is at risk and is expected to give birth to our child by July 21st. If I get sick and infect her, it would be a shame.”

Regarding the four Spanish EuroLeague teams that were said to be against playing For the rest of the season in Liga Endesa, the Eurohoops.net poll results are listed here:

team Yes No
real Madrid 2nd 14
FC Barcelona 0 16
Valencia basket 3rd 13
Basconia 0 16

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