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Become a betting partner at 1xBet and how you earn

the6man Feb 02

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Bookmaking companies are widespread in our time. Sports betting attracts a large number of users, which brings a good income for both the bookmakers themselves and the users.

One of the bookmaker companies, 1xBet, also invites you to do so Become a betting partner at 1xBet. The affiliate program initially allows you to earn money with internet resources and to attract new customers for the bookmaker platform. This program is suitable for absolutely all internet users, you don’t need any investments, you just have to register.

If there is a wild desire to try yourself and become affiliate betting with 1xBet, you need to understand how to trade. Here is a little instruction:

  • First of all, you need to register on the 1xBet affiliate program website. In this case, you should provide your current contact information so that you can contact the customer.
  • The application is then examined, which according to the regulations takes up to 48 hours. The notification about the successful registration follows next.
  • After confirmation, you can start working. All materials, links and 1xBet promotional codes are available in your personal account.

Everything is very convenient! Everyone deserves: the bookmaker himself and the players (if they are lucky, of course) and agents, these are affiliated companies. The 1xBet affiliate resource is exactly what you need to increase your income on the internet.

Bookmaker’s support and payments

As a result, this system not only offers the partner interest but also responsibility for the quality of the promotional materials.

The bookmaker has a huge database of promotional materials. They are available in different languages. If you need customized promotional material, you can contact support who will make it available to you.

The minimum withdrawal is $ 30. In the first transaction, the personal manager who oversees the project must be contacted.

The rest of the payments are made regularly and in automatic mode according to the details on the account. If there is a minimum amount in the balance sheet, it is carried over to the subsequent reporting period.

Payment systems known to many are used for withdrawals: Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi or bank card accounts. In general, there are over a hundred payment methods available to affiliates.

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