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Ben Simmons explains why he is not afraid to shoot three-pointers

the6man Jul 25

Ben Simmons believed that when he was in a well-documented fight beyond the three-point line, he was finally about to turn.

Simmons played as a power forward in the 76ers’ first warm-up game last Friday. He tried two three-pointers. Although regrettably missed the first shot, he easily hit the second without hesitation. Rod.

Simmons told reporters last Friday: “We have been practicing, just looking for that corner.”

“I am very comfortable there, I have been taking those photos, so I am very happy that my teammates found me.”

Sixers coach Brett Brown said that Simmons’ thinking in three-player games has undergone a “paradigm shift.”

“I am excited [watching it] …He doesn’t flinch,” Brown said.

“The sport told him, ‘I’m very open, no one is protecting me, shooting,” he did. The next step will not hesitate, or, ‘what decision must I make now? ’”

Philadelphia fans have every right to express doubts.

After all, this is just a game, only one shot.

However, even if Simmons can work hard to become a qualified three-point shooter, for the 76ers, this will also be a game changer.

Speaking of potential game changers, there will be some promising early returns when the Sports Australians move towards power forwards.

Simmons scored 9 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals with the Memphis Grizzlies in 22 minutes. In the end, he spent a lot of time catching the ball at the elbow and attacking from there. He looked comfortable.

“I’m satisfied with it,” Simmons said. “I can defend 1-5, I can play anywhere, but I can score in those positions, I like those positions. I work in those places, and my footsteps are there. I just need to keep working hard and accept giving us everything of.”

Simmons and the 76ers will return to the battlefield when they play for the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday.

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This post is written by Nick Jungfer


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