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Ben Simmons is said to be ready to start the season with the Philadelphia 76ers despite trade rumors

the6man Aug 30

Ben Simmons-Sixers
Photo: Charles Fox / Philadelphia Inquirer

Ben Simmons could be available to start the season with the Philadelphia 76ers despite various rumors suggesting the opposite.

According to multiple reports, the Sixers failed several off-season trades, but Ben Simmons could end up playing for them again Brian Windhorst on Austin Krell from The Painted Lines.

There are currently no active talks with any team for Simmons, who was in the trading bloc for most of the off-season due to his disappointing performances in the semi-finals of the European Championship playoffs against Atlanta.

Simmons could save some of his value during the regular season, while the 76ers will be able to assess what they can get for the three-time all-star guard / striker in a potential trade.

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