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Best moment in “Last Dance”, ranked

the6man May 26

With completion Last dance Leading all of us to refocus on the frustrating, virus-ridden existence, it is safe to say that everyone has seriously missed the glorious MJ document.

So let’s relive Last dance Take a look at the 10 most outstanding moments in the series for the last time.

10. Dance by Jerry Krause

Maybe it’s the ninth choice of the ninth place, maybe not everyone thought of when they promised an invisible lens to the Bulls of the 1990s.

However, Jerry’s Krause’s celebratory dance on the team’s plane still made watching incredible.

9. Dennis Rodman’s mid-season Vegas vacation and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) appearance in the final

Dennis Rodman Hulk Hogan

It ’s hard to know which is crazier: Dennis Rodman disappeared without the coach and teammates knowing, During the finalsOr, Phil Jackson is so cool, Rodman enters an evil Las Vegas corner mid-season.

8. 30 years later, Jordan is still angry with Isaiah Thomas

Some things will never change.

After knowing MJ, his dying words might be “F * ck the Pistons”.

7. Jordan accuses Horace Grant of being an informer

Sam Smith’s famous 1992 book, Jordanian Rules MJ is really disturbing, especially because it contains anonymous information from within the Bulls organization.

The play after the book was released resurfaced 28 years later, when he was interviewed Last dance, Jordan confidently identified former teammate Holles Grant as the source of anonymous information.

Grant responded that Jordan was more forgiving and suggested that he and MJ “settle down like men.”

6. Kobe called Jordan “Big Brother”

Only a few months after Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate death, it appeared on the screen. This is his “invisible interview”.

5. Jordan relentlessly roasts Scott Burrell, the best person in the world

There are not many interesting exchanges there Last dance Than Michael Jordan mocked the gentle Scott Burrell as claiming to be a party animal, and called him “Dennis Rodman Jr.”

The best part is when Berrell, who really cares, tells Jordan that his mom and dad will watch the video, then Jordan immediately stares at the camera and says, “Mom and dad, he is an alcoholic.”

That’s just a small part of Jordan Roasting Burrell:

4. MJ is owned by its security personnel

God, what time is it.

Imagine being a damn boss, you can:

(A) Cut the hairstyle for beginners

(B) immediately defeat MJ in his game, Shrug and hit him.

(C) shocked Mike and pretended he was not angry

Dude turned Jordan into another crying meme in just a few seconds:

Meme Michael Jordan

One of the best shots in this incredible scene is from redditor You / cheerio, He once said:

“I like the idea that he is a bball goat and an international idol. Anyone can hide under his skin by challenging him with some random bullies.”

3. Jordan (Jordan) broke after winning the 1996 NBA championship on Father’s Day

On Jordan’s Father’s Day, Jordan won the first title since the murder, Jordan screamed on the court, this is no more exciting than this.

You can Feeling His pain.

2. MJ mocks Gary Payton

That cruel and memorable moment … What else can the Internet ask for?

1. Jordan’s “baseball bat and cigar” moment before ending BJ Armstrong

Nowhere to go, we have officially reached the peak of Michael Jordan.

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