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Bill Russell: I’m the sportiest player in NBA history, not LeBron James

the6man Jun 17

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After Kendrick Perkins tweeted a video of Lebron James jumping out of the gym and saying LeBron was the “sportiest player in NBA history,” he was immediately reviewed by eleven-time NBA champion Bill Russell.

Bill Russell replied, “I could have completed the high jump Olympic Games in 56 minutes, but I refused to go basketball instead. At that time we could only play one sport. The athletics news made me the best jumper in the world. I was number 2 in the US at the time. ”

Perkins immediately apologized because he had no idea about Russell’s previous success. His answer was, “Well, I was checked by an all-time great. I’m so sorry, LeBron James, but I had a change of heart. Bill Russell is the sportiest player in NBA history. I apologize, Bill Russell!

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