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“Black people are tired of labels, we want results!”

the6man Jun 02

Photo: Dale Zanine-USA Today Sports

Late last month, after a white police officer killed the African George Floyd, Shannon Sharpe was quite angry when he talked about racism.

Sharpe, an FS1 sports analyst, said he was very pleased to see widespread protests from universities and sports leagues, but he will check in two to three years to see if they maintain “the same energy.”

“Now, this is the right thing, this is an easy thing. But like I said, skip [Bayless], I will check with them within two years. “Sharp’s No dispute. “I will come back to contact you to see if you have the same energy. Because I have been checking Twitter and I have been checking IG, so I see a lot of black and white hands intertwined. We are one, we are united unless We all won, otherwise we won’t win. The label is good, but the black people are tired of the label, we want the result.”

Shannon Sharpe called on Tom Brady and Drew Brees to provide more support

Shannon Sharpe also challenged white athletes, and when they achieved positive results, showed them as much support as black athletes, singled out NFL superstars Tom Brady and Drew Bress (Tom Brady) Drew Brees).

He said of the university: “Although I praise them, I did not give them too much praise, nor did I pat them on their backs, because you should do so before this year.”

Members of the NFL Hall of Fame added: “Tom Brady and Drew Brees, we need your voice.” “Because you are talking about’That’s my brother’. Well, well your brother’s brother is suffering , I want to hear your voice. Come on, you say our brother, when we do something good, you will pat our backs,’This is what I am talking about, our family!’ Well, I am now Need the same energy.”

At the same time, the NBA took a very open stand against racial injustice, and Commissioner Adam Silver condemned the practice, killing another man in the hands of white law enforcement officials.

Silver wrote: “Just as we fought against the pandemic, the epidemic had a greater impact on communities and people of color than anyone else, and we were reminded that our country has never had a wound that healed.” Racism, police brutality and racial injustice are still a part of daily life in the United States and cannot be ignored. At the same time, those who serve our community gloriously and heroically and protect our community will again be forced to serve those The person serving is responsible.”

National Basketball Coach Association Set up a committee The purpose is to resolve the racially motivated negative emotions in NBA cities.

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