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Bob Myers, the Warriors ’general manager, said the Golden State ’s 2018 NBA championship was“ unhappy ”

the6man May 17

In the photo in December 2011, Bob Myers (right), President of Basketball Operations of the Golden State Warriors, was seen. CC BY 2.0

During the quarantine process, the “last dance” became the main content of the basketball game. Some NBA players, executives and coaches talked about the difficulty of winning consecutively.

The Golden State Warriors may be the most powerful team in the past eight years, having reached the finals five times in a row and won three championships.

The Warriors’ general manager Bob Myers won the team’s second championship during Kevin Durant’s tenure.

“When I was with Kevin for the second time, it felt like ‘Well, we just did what we should do and did well. It’s not happy. I’m sure many people feel differently. It’s not Anyone ’s fault. I think everything is only weight. Therefore, I ’m sure everything will become heavy and interpersonal relationships are important. ”Myers said Nick Friedell of ESPNEvery USA Today.

As the past has shown, it is very difficult to maintain success in sports, even in the NBA, which is full of dynasties. Especially in this league, it is very difficult to win back-to-back championships, because players and coaches will be exhausted due to the pressure to get to the top many times.

The Boston Celtics have the longest consecutive championship record in NBA history, winning eight consecutive times from 1959 to 1966.

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