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Bobcat coach Cheryl Reeve talks about plans for the 2020 season and the need for social justice work. Hoopfeed.com

the6man Jun 18

Published on June 18, 2020


Cheryl Reeve. Photo: NBAE/Getty Images.

of 2020 WNBA season It will be different in the history of the league.

First, within a few weeks from training camp, all twelve teams will live and participate in all competitions at IMG Academy in Florida- The season is scheduled to start on July 24. The coronavirus pandemic forced the league to isolate all players in one place:

Cheryl Reeve, the head coach and general manager of the Minnesota Bobcats, told reporters on a video conference call on Thursday: “Everyone’s situation will be different.” “This will be different, setting [training camp] All 144 players and coaches there. It will be interesting. “

Reeve said that the health and safety of players must be given top priority.

In order to make this work successful and as safe as possible, we must actively participate. We cannot go there and become understatement, slack or breach of agreement. We will not go out to play. I encourage any violations [WNBA commissioner] Cathy Engelbert has a zero-tolerance policy-any violations will cause you to face bubbles.

Secondly, since George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, black people have recently died in the hands of the police, sparking national and worldwide protests and demonstrations. Therefore, athletes are one of many voices calling for change and justice.

Reeve admits: “I think now… this is Maya Moore’s work more focused.” “Maya has been doing it for a long time-now we understand [why she stepped away from the league for two years]. “

WNBA players are no strangers to this – Reeve’s Lynx players wear T-shirts to protest police-related shootings in 2016, Moore of Minnesota (Moore) did not participate in criminal justice work last season and this season. Atlanta Dreams guard and former Bobcats player Renee Montgomery announced earlier today that she will not participate in social affairs this season.

Reeve explained: “We believe that this is not only important to the Maya or Renee Montgomery, it is also the most important thing in our minds.”

The coach continued: “Playing basketball is our job, but a bigger part of us is to make the world more suitable for everyone.” “We want to see meaningful changes.”

Reeve said: “We are talking about things that black people have been talking about for many years.” “I think this is a turning point. This is not just about doing one or two things, it’s a difficult task to achieve equality for all. Many people don’t want that.”

When asked to comment Montgomery decided not to participate in this seasonReeve said: “Say I am surprised by Renee or any player who chose to withdraw for various reasons, saying we would be surprised not.” “Now this time is really heavy and people are dealing with it in different ways. Renee thinks this is the best way for her to do what she thinks must be done. You will see a very personal decision.”

Coach Lynx pointed out that “there is a precedent”, Moore decided to withdraw from last season’s game. If other participants make similar decisions, “I’m not surprised at all.”

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