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Brad Stevens says Kemba Walker is “healthy enough to play”

the6man Jul 26

Kemba Walker Boston Celtics Charlotte Hornets
Photo: grandstand report

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens gave an encouraging update on the recovery of Kemba Walker’s knee injuries.

According to Stevens, the Celtics starting point keeper was ready to reactivate.

“He has an outbreak – his outbreak is back,” said Stevens per Justin Quinn of USA TODAY Sports. “I think he’s healthy enough to play with – it’s just a matter of days that, according to our training staff and Kemba, are balancing to prepare for the seeding games.”

The All-Star security guard suffered the injury in February, but was still trying to find the rhythm after a four-month break.

Walker averaged 21.2 points, 4.9 assists and 4.1 rebounds and was the second best scorer in the Celtics squad before the NBA season was suspended.

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