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Bradley Beal at the center of pre-draft trading rumors

the6man Jul 24

Just days before the NBA draft, Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal found himself at the center of trading rumors.

“He knew he had to make a decision before the draft,” a source who knew Bill’s thoughts directly told Stand report, As Jack Fischer reported.

From the outside, it seems that only a few teams have the assets and the flexibility of the cap to trade Bill-and the confidence he will sign a long-term contract extension.

The Boston Celtics are such a team, and Jason Dumas (Jason Dumas) of Bleacher Report reports that he “will be Bill’s preferred destination.”


Boston will be able to complete the deal without involving All-Star Jaylen Brown, but it is not known whether Washington is interested in accepting such a package.

The Golden State Warriors can offer an attractive package centered on the 7th, 14th and forward Andrew Wiggins.

The Atlanta Hawks are another team with a strong foundation that might interest the Bills and Wizards front desk.

Nevertheless, it is important to have reservations about everything.

Bill didn’t even make a transaction request-so at this point, all these rumors are just speculation.

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