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Bradley Beal was threatened by the police

the6man Jun 20

Photo by NBC Sports Washington

Bradley Beal, the star of the Washington Wizards, says a police officer threatened two years ago to “get him in the headlines” during a traffic incident.

Beal mentioned that he and his wife and one of his friends were stopped in the car on the highway and asked to get out of the vehicle.

“What if I fuck your Monday and put you in a headline and arrest you now?” The cop told Beal.

“But because I was a black athlete who drove a nice vehicle, he came over,” said Beal. “It is [racism] all over. We just have to stop being aware of the fact that it exists. “

Wizards and Washington Mystics players went from Capital One Arena to the Martin Luther King Memorial in DC in honor of Black Lives Matter and Juneteenth.

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