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Brian Scalabrine believes we will see better basketball when the NBA season starts again

the6man Jun 10

Photo: FS1 / Twitter

The NBA will return to Disney World in Orlando on July 31. The games will not only take place in an unusual setting, but there will also be no fans. Former NBA champion Brian Scalabrine believes playing in an empty arena will actually raise basketball levels.

According to him, the lack of fans in the arena will take the pressure off bankers. As a result, they will perform better, resulting in better basketball. Superstars will do what they always do, he says.

Scalabrine gave an example of games between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson in the Dream Team era. In the documentaries for “The Last Dance”, it became known that the Dream Team had organized pickup games among the team’s superstars in an empty gym.

over Nick Goss from NBC Sports::

“I think you will see better basketball,” said Scalabrine during the “Arbella Early Edition” on Tuesday evening. “It won’t feel that way because the fans won’t be there, but these guys will compete at a high level.” If you saw “The Last Dance” and heard about the pickup games between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson in the Dream Team era, the guys can bring it with them in pickup games. Boys will get in shape. Boys will be able to play and I think you will see that (the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth men on the bench) will be much better without the crowd. And the superstars will definitely be the same. “

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