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Brooklyn Nets interested in Wizards

the6man May 30

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal has been the target of trading rumors for most of his career.

When All-Star teammate John Wall was injured in 2019, many people speculated that Bill would move on, but the 6-3 guard shocked the entire basketball world, renewed his contract with the Wizards and expressed his support for drafting the team. Ranked third in 2012.

Recently, there were rumors that the Brooklyn Nets had “internal discussions” on whether to conduct the Bill transaction.

Any trade for the 26-year-old player who reached a career high of 30.5PPG when he was suspended this season will require an excessive offer that the Wizards cannot refuse.

If the Nets pursue Bill, it means they believe him, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have the ability to lead the team to the championship.

Bill recently appeared on ESPN And resolved the rumors of the Nets.

“For me, I think this is respect for me. This is what I have always done well, and everyone wants to play with me … when you hear Carey [Irving] And KD [Kevin Durant] It’s amazing to want you. At the same time, you don’t know how much it is, or how easy it is to do so. I am rooted in the District of Columbia. I have been working on this town, this community. I like it here and I am happy to know that I can win here without having to jump to another team. “

“My biggest thing now is that I want to play with John [Wall] Again, “Bill said.” I want to see him return to the level where I know he can do it, especially because my game has developed a lot. What can we accomplish together? I am very happy that he is healthy and working hard, “Beal continued.

Wall and Bill led the Wizards into the playoffs four times.

Perhaps, if they did return it to the Washington court, they could push the Wizards back into competition.

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