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Brooklyn Nets Wilson Chandler leaves Orlando to live with family

the6man Jun 29

Wilson Chandler Together with four other NBA players, it was decided to give up this season’s restart in Orlando.

Chandler cited time spent with his family, including time spent with his three children and grandmother, which was the main reason why he didn’t want to play games.

Chandler said in a conversation with ESPN’s Malika Andrews: “It will be very difficult not to be with my family, but my family’s health and well-being must come first. Thanks to the Nets team for understanding and supporting me With this decision, I will watch and cheer for our team in Orlando.”

Chandler had a one-year contract with the Nets, averaging 5.9 points and 4.1 rebounds per game, and then suspended the game in March.

The 6-8 year old striker due to suspension Drugs used to enhance performance test positive.

Chandler played the league with his fifth team for twelve years.

He joined the Portland Trail Blazer Blazer Trevor Ariza, Lakers Avery Bradley and Wizards Davis Betans as the only players to announce that they will not join the team to restart.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Justin Anderson will replace Chandler on the Internet.

Brooklyn plans to arrive at ESPN Universal Stadium on July 7.

Their first game was July 31, against Orlando Magic.

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