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Brooklyn will lose Durant’s services for at least a week

the6man Feb 08

After the Brooklyn Nets are believed to be in close contact with the Nets employees, there will be at least 7 days without the services of star forward Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant), who later tested positive for Covid-19.

Before the announcement, a series of strange things happened in the Brooklyn game on Friday night. Durant was initially turned away during the test, and then participated in the warm-up game before coming off the bench in the first quarter. Then, in the game-the employee tested positive and Durant withdrew from the rest of the game.

According to Yahoo! Sports, that is, employees and Durant share the car three times on the day of the game. During the interaction, they both made no secrets.

This means that Durant will have to miss 7 days, then test negative, and then jump into the alliance’s various agreements to re-adapt.

Since the incident, all other Nets players and their staff have been tested negative.

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This post is written by Nick Kelland


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