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Buddy Hield wants the media to stop reporting on Marvin Bagley’s injury

the6man Jul 24

Photo: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

When young star Marvin Bagley III (Marvin Bagley III) sprained out, the Sacramento Kings suffered a huge loss. This kind of injury is a destructive injury to basketball players, especially because it will never disappear. Bagley’s teammate Buddy Hield came to his assistant at a difficult time.

Marvin Bagley averaged 14.2 points and 7.5 rebounds per game this season. For a young big man, this is a very high average, and he will benefit a lot from the Orlando experience. Knowing how serious the damage to Bagley was, Hield stepped in and decided to add comfort words.

Based on the production of Sacramento bees Said:

“Marvin is also a good boy. After I figured out what happened, I talked to him for a long time. You know that everything has a reason, and God won’t make any mistakes. Do you know anything is really good? Everyone might stop reporting everything because he is a child and is experiencing something now, and he is trying to get his thoughts right.”

“The more the media talked about it, it messed up his head because he was trying to go there to prove himself to everyone. The more everyone relaxed the topic, got his body right, his thoughts right, he came back and became dominant, you I would say that Marvin did a good job. As a child, he experienced a lot of things and tried to overcome this obstacle mentally. He will definitely get through it.”

Such harm is the reporting work of the media. Understandably, Bagley is recovering from this injury and is happy to see his teammates speak for him. The Sacramento Kings will try to play there, but without him.

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