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Byron Scott received a college degree 37 years after leaving Arizona

the6man Jun 15

Decades after the beginning of a successful NBA career, Byron Scott returned to Los Angeles State University with a bachelor’s degree.

The three-time NBA champion posted news via Twitter on the weekend.

Scott tweeted: “Now, I can really say that I am proud to be a’Sun Devil!’.” “After 37 years of studying, I returned to college and finally got a general education. Bachelor’s degree! It’s never too late!”

59-year-old Bryon Scott averaged 14.1 points in 1,073 regular season games In his NBA careerIt started with the Lakers in 1983 and ended with the Lakers in 1997. He is also suitable for the Indiana Pacers and the Vancouver Grizzlies. The San Diego Clippers selected Scott with the fourth overall pick at the 1983 Draft, and he was traded to the Lakers.

Byron Scott returns to school

In a Facebook post, Byron Scott described the experience of returning to school.

Scot wrote: “As a junior at Arizona State University, I was elected to @nba before graduating in 1983.” “Today… 37 years later, I can say again that I achieved another major goal I have been in school for the past year and a half. I returned to Arizona State University and received a bachelor’s degree in general education. I have been a member of Sun Devil, but today I never said to myself “I am Sun Devil! “I am proud. Thanks to my university consultant Jessica Richardson and @arizonastateuniversity staff. Due to the pandemic, my graduation was delayed, but I am looking forward to December. Fork up!!!

Coaching career

After the game, Byron Scott coached the New Jersey Nets, New Orleans Hornets, Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers. The last time he coached Los Angeles was in 2016.

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