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Can Kyle Korver return to the NBA this season: “I don’t know”

the6man Feb 06

Kyle Korver, One of the league’s best shooters, who has not joined the team this season, the 17-year veteran player seems very satisfied with sitting at home.

Cole (Korver) has been spending time with his family and showing up on TNT’s The Arena, while he is waiting for a call from the NBA team.

There is still a lot of time for the sharpshooter to return and knock down his career shots, and there are many teams that can benefit from experienced senior players.


Mark Medina of USA Today asked Cover about his future and shrugged as an answer.

“I do not know [about a return]. I have discussed with several teams. I believe it will be an honor to get out of the bubble. I believe you will commemorate this season in a good offseason. Getting out of the bubble through a quick turnaround, I didn’t really do this. So I don’t want to cheat the game. If I want to play, I want to play. I have not signed any paperwork. My wife asks me this question every day. It is difficult for me to find the exact term. So I haven’t signed the paperwork yet. I love being with my family. For the league and the players, this is a challenging season. But we will see. I do not know. “

For Korver, he hasn’t made headlines since heading to the Vatican during the offseason. Discuss social justice issues, The waiting time may be too much.

At his age, players need enough time to get ready, otherwise the team will not ask for his services.

However, as the NBA approaches the second half and playoffs of this season, we are very happy to see what Korver decides to do, because teams are asking about his vacancy.

Korver will turn 40 next month, but while waiting, he is not in a hurry to decide.

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This post is written by Eric Magana


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