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Carmelo Anthony, a thin figure, is about to retreat to small forward

the6man Jul 18

Since the last game in March, Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony has clearly lost a few pounds.

“This summer is skinny melon. There are Hoodie Melo, Melo in the United States, there are many different Melos. But in the final analysis, I am me.” Anthony passed ESPN.

Since leaving the New York Knicks in 2017, Anthony has been forced to assume the second position of power forward.

Some people think that Anthony is struggling among the four, the main one is Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey (Daryl Morey), he was very dissatisfied with Anthony’s performance, so he was fired from the team.

With the return of big men Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins, Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts told Anthony that he will restore his natural position, three.

For me, I once thought that once the coach told me to change back to the 3 position, I would challenge myself to let myself fall to a comfortable weight, adapt myself to the feeling of 3, play “three”, I can easily run around and take advantage of what I can do in the system. “

Not long ago, Carmelo’s days in the NBA were nearing completion, but thanks to the outstanding performance of the Trail Blazers, anyone can guess his future.

When asked about his next plan, Carmelo answered with a tempting tease.

“I was going to say something, but I can’t.” He said with a smile. “We will solve the bubble first, and I will tell you. I will release it to everyone in time.”

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