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Carmelo Anthony helps Blake Griffin with his pull-up game during a basketball training session in the United States

the6man May 31

Blake Griffin
Photo: Chris Schwegler / Getty Images

Blake Griffin was one of the best dunkers of its heyday. The players had to pay special attention to him because they could land on a poster every second. As he got older, he had to expand his game to survive.

Instead of hitting bodies and trying to walk through people, he had to get a jump shot. During his time with the Los Angeles Clippers, he tried 0.9 threes per game. In his three years with the Detroit Pistons, he has tried 6.5 threes per game.

Recordings of Blake Griffin practicing his pull-up game during a team USA training session with Carmelo Anthony were shown online. Anthony is one of the best goalscorers who have ever played in the NBA. Griffin was able to extend his career due to his shooting ability.

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