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Carmelo Anthony is expected to sign with the Knicks. Then everything changed.

the6man Sep 17

Carmelo Anthony said that rejoining the New York Knicks is a very real possibility, and he has seriously considered it all summer.

Talk about Podcast by Chris HaynesAnthony revealed that he recently bought a house in New York and said that his family in New York was the biggest factor that prompted him to consider returning to the Knicks.

“New York is always there, and returning to New York is always a story,” he said. “I keep telling my son that I will be with you when he is in high school. Things in New York make sense.”

But then the Lakers called and everything changed.

“This was unexpected,” Anthony told Haines. “My son (today) started school in New York. So it’s like, I’m here, I’m home. I never thought the Lakers would call.”

Fighting for the championship with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook in Los Angeles proved to be too attractive for Anthony to give up. But this does not mean that he made this decision easy, especially since his family lives on the other side of the country.

“Have a great chance of winning [was what made me decide to join the Lakers]. It took me a few days to really like to sit down and break it down and really delve into it to make this decision,” he said.

“For most people, this may be an easy decision to make. But for me, it is not the case. I really have to adjust a lot of things and arrange things to solve the problem, so that I am away from my family. Feel comfortable after the year.

“People don’t understand that part. This is the hardest part. Basketball (part) is easy.”

In this case, it is easy to see that Anthony’s decision is a bit bittersweet. He won’t see his son often, for at least another year or so.

But with luck, Anthony can at least tell him the story of winning the NBA championship. Yes Finally live in the same place.

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