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Caron Butler explains how the Changing Lob City Clippers teams were founded

the6man May 25

Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers have always been a laughing stock in the LA basketball world. The Los Angeles Lakers were the team everyone streamed to and respected. That changed when Chris Paul went to the Clippers and changed the franchise forever. The era was called the Lob City era.

The Clippers were able to win 50 games five times during this period. It completely changed people’s attitudes towards the clippers. For a while, the clippers were the team instead of the Lakers, who made it into the NBA playoffs year after year.

While an NBA final appearance came almost from that time, this period will always be remembered by Clippers fans because they were finally relevant.

Caron Butler, who only played for the Clippers for two years, spoke about his role in creating today’s Lob City era ClutchPoints battle for LA podcast.

“At that point Lob City was founded” Caron Butler remembered. “When I heard that the Lakers were vetoing Chris Paul, his other goal was that he wouldn’t mind going to the Clippers. I spoke closely. You know, we have … We have a lot of mutual friends and people in this circle. [In the video]I heard he was coming to the clippers and I was just waiting for the message to break. That’s why you saw me on the phone in this epic video while everyone else was jumping around. I actually spoke to my brother Chris and said take the camera away from me because I already knew the deal was on the move and it was coming. I was thrilled with the whole thing. At this point Lob City was founded. At that point, the culture for the United States had changed Los Angeles Clippers. ”

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