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Cavaliers are said to want to keep Kevin Love for another season

the6man Jul 02

Kevin Love Colin Sexton
Photo: Jason Miller / Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers want to keep Kevin Love in the squad for another season Chris Fedor from Cleveland.com.

The Cavs believe that Love is a great veteran in the dressing room for young people like Collin Sexton and Darius Garland.

“While his name remains at the center of the trade rumors, the Cavs still want Kevin Love nearby and believe that he can have a positive impact in this rebuild. And despite two difficult years, the Cavs still see him as their best and most effective player.

The league sees him differently – an often injured 31-year-old striker with a bloated contract whose best basketball is in the past and can become unfortunate in certain situations.

The trading offers reflected this. Until its value across the league and internally more closely, it is difficult to see a trade, ”Fedor reports.

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