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Charles Barkley is drunk in the 76ers (NBA)

the6man May 24

Charles Barkley 76ers

Outside the court, it is well known that Charles Barkley will drink a drink or two, but did you know that Sir Charles has been drunk in NBA games?

At some point during the 1992 season, his agent told Buckley that he would be traded from the 76ers to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Elated, Buckley and his friends went out to celebrate.

Barkley has told this story in various shows before, recently Law Podcast.

Silver screen and volume This story was copied in Buckley ’s own words:

“My agent called me one morning and he said, ‘Hey, today you will be traded to the Lakers. With me and my friends, we went out to celebrate and got drunk at about noon … He will later Call me and say, “Hey, you have been traded to the Lakers. They will complete the transaction. I will contact you as soon as possible. “

“I’m on Nine Point Cloud, he called me back three hours later, and now it seems to be 3:30, he said ‘76 people withdrew from the transaction.’ [bleeped expletive] We had a game that night, I thought ‘what? what are you saying? “He was like” The 76ers dare not pull the trigger. “So I’m like,” You’re kidding me, man, we have a game tonight, and I’ve been drinking since noon. “One thing is very interesting, I don’t even know how I played that night. I think I might have played badly because I was angry that the 76ers didn’t pull the trigger and then suffered in the next two or three years pain.”

To date, no one has found the infamous “Drunken Buckley Game”.

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