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Choosing to withdraw and wait for medical evaluation, what success has Washington Mystics achieved? | Hoopfeed.com

the6man Jul 09

Published on July 9, 2020


Photo: NBAE/Getty Images.

On July 6, in view of the current coronavirus pandemic, WNBA players traveled to Bradenton, Florida, to begin their postponed 2020 season under a new quarantine agreement. For Washington mystics, forward Myisha Hines-Allen, defender Ariel Atkins and 2019 finals MVP Emma Meesseman came to their temporary temporary residence and tremble to celebrate the safe arrival.

The fun-filled video released by the trio on TikTok shows that they are optimistic about the prospects of the season. However, two players were missing from this trip: the league’s incumbent MVP Elena Delle Donne and veteran center Tina Charles. On July 8, the mystics announced that both players “have joined the WNBA player medical evaluation agreement.”

Although Thibault did not disclose the official past condition, Delle Donne was diagnosed with Lyme disease in high school after being bitten by a bug in her Delaware home. She missed the game before, on the grounds that the outbreak caused muscle and joint pain. Charles’ reasoning is still unknown. She has never “entered the market” on Mystics, and has never met in person.

“She would have come last week,” Siebert said of Charles. “A few weeks ago, after talking to the doctor, she had some past history, and the suggestion was to go to the doctor and submit the documents to the alliance to obtain this opinion.”

If they choose to withdraw from medical treatment, they will receive the full salary this season. Washington will not be able to replace both, so there must be a shortage of people. In total, there are ten players who have not reached the qualified number for medical difficulties. Thibo called this situation a “triple blow.”

“As a team [salary cap], We cannot replace them. Said Sibot. “We have to play with ten players.” “

Defender Natasha Cloud chose to withdraw from the 2020 season, focusing on participating in social justice work, saying that he is “not just an athlete”, but also has a responsibility to himself, to my community and to my future children. It is more important for yourself and the basketball game. Cloud and Converse reached a shoe deal, and the company announced that it would pay all her salary for the 2020 season.

The Latoya Sanders Center also withdrew from the 2020 season due to anemia. Due to this situation, Sanders missed six games in the 2019 season. Washington signed Alaina Coates to replace the height and skill around the basket brought by Sanders.

Thibault also snatched 12-year veteran Essence Carson in the WNBA. What Thibault lost in Cloud, he gained experience from Carson’s valuable experience.

Tibo said: “She has a variety of skills, a strong mind, and an amazing veteran.” “She has a great influence on her, and I think this will make up for the loss of leadership in our locker room. She just treats you every day. How to treat the game with great attitude.”

This season has provided opportunities for young players in Washington, including Hines-Allen, defender/forward airpower and defender Kiara Leslie, the latter being the tenth overall pick in the 2019 draft. Leslie withdrew from his rookie season and healed with a knee injury.

“Fortunately, we have players like Emma and Tianna [Hawkins] And two Ariel who have fully accepted the challenge before them. “Tibo said.

As Cloud left, and Mitchell and Carson had not yet adapted to the Mystics offense, Atkins also had the opportunity to consolidate his position and become the third-year chief guard.

Former mystic player, senior guard Kristi Toliver nicknamed her “Little A”.

Tibo said: “This is an opportunity for Ariel Atkins and Aerial Powers to make ourselves the main players in our offense,” Tibo said. “

Due to the lack of manpower in the team, the five-to-five practice drill has been reduced to three-to-three and four-to-four. Sibott even asked his former assistant coach and Indiana’s first-year head coach Marianne Staley to join her lineup for a full training and scuffle with the mystics.

Tibo said: “I told my son to exercise because he must practice some.” “I told [assistant coach] Ashja Jones, she may have to play and resume her career. “

Although Washington may miss the most valuable player in the last league, there is still hope. New content may appear in the modified version of Mystics, but it can still win and maintain its success in the league. For Thibault, you must maintain an average double-digit number of multiple players per night.

“We succeeded by having multiple scorers in the team,” Thibault said. “That’s still the trademark we are trying to make.”

Thibo pointed out that veteran guard Sue Bird and forward Breanna Stewart returned to the Seattle Storm, and even rookie guard Sabrina Ionescu’s much-anticipated New York Liberty The starters are all news.

Tibb said: “I think you will have a new story every year.” Tibb said: “We will be part of the story because we have nothing, but maybe we will also create a new story.” The team can still win, and Their approach is different. things happen. This alliance will only write a different chapter. “

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