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Chris Broussard: “It is absolutely a failure if the Lakers don’t win the championship.”

the6man May 29

LeBron James LA Lakers
Photo: SKY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a mission to win the NBA championship this season. The Purple & Gold brought a second superstar in Anthony Davis alongside LeBron James. So far, the plan seems to be working well. The Lakers sit at the Western Conference with the league’s second-best record.

They also had psychologically important victories over their main rivals Bucks and Clippers before the season was suspended. Sports analyst Chris Broussard believes anything other than the NBA title would be a failure for the Lakers.

“It is absolutely a failure if the Lakers do not win the championship. If your best player is in his 17th season, there is no guarantee that he will stay at this level next year. There are no moral victories. You should follow Seek championship or bankruptcy. “

Chris Broussard

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